project A classic course of heroic proportions whose original bunkering suffered from the ravages of time, change and in some cases total abandonment. With a great deal of study and research, we were able to approximate the location and configuration of the originals and then began a long range program of repair, renovation and reconstruction. The most exciting work was putting back the "Alps," "Principals Nose" and "Redan" bunkers that had been lost.
Hole Number 2 Hole Number 2
Hole Number 3 Hole Number 4
Hole Number 4 Hole Number 4
Hole Number 4 Hole Number 8
Hole Number 9 Hole Number 10
Hole Number 17 Hole Number 18
image Fully absorbed in our performance, as we make our way around the course, we are rarely aware of the changes that are taking place as we play and how we affect the course. We tend to view golf the course as a permanent, rocklike structure. But that is far from the truth ...
David Patterson, Director of golf Emeritus, Yale Varsity Golf Coach.