Construction Services

Rulewich & Fleury Golf Design is one of the only firms in the golf industry to combine design and construction, which translates into a philosophy that not only recognizes the importance of great design, but also great construction. The construction process begins long before the first yard of earth is moved. During the outset of every project the construction phase is always in the forefront of our planning. It begins when we walk the land for the first time, reviewing the land not only for its landform qualities and setting, but also for what obstacles we may have to overcome during construction.

Permitting is a critical time for every project, and the decisions made during this phase will not only impact the design, but ultimately how the project will be built, and in what timeframe. This is where Rulewich & Fleury Golf Design provides the support needed to handle issues relating to construction of the project. Rulewich & Fleury Golf Design’s experience allows us to approach the construction issues during permitting with the knowledge of what the agencies will expect, and what the owner will need.

Once the team has negotiated the issues of permitting it’s time to focus on cost estimates, scheduling and sequencing of the project. Rulewich & Fleury Golf Design’s ability to seek out suppliers and contractors, and to provide detailed construction specifications will ultimately result in accurate cost estimates and realistic scheduling. The goal is always to build the highest-level golf course in the most efficient timeframe.


Our flexibility during construction allows the owner to choose the level of involvement Rulewich & Fleury Golf Design may have. The shaping team we provide to all our projects ensures a constant on-site presence to deal with design issues as they arise. We feel there is no better way to translate our vision to the ground than to utilize and employ the people he has worked with for decades. This camaraderie is one of the unique aspects of Rulewich & Fleury Golf Design. It provides the ability to make immediate decisions that avoid costly design changes in the future.

Our style of design and shaping is also extremely well suited to renovation of an existing course. A master plan might be phased over two to five years. During each year the scope of work should be well defined, and needs to be efficient to keep disruption of play to a minimum. Our style of having the designer and shaper on site at the same time not only means great creativity, it means having the work done efficiently and being approved as we proceed, so the other contractors can work without delays relating to design approvals. This also allows our client’s superintendent and committee members the opportunity to view the work as we progress, and to have dialog on site with the design team.


Shaping is an integral part of our design, and we provide this service to all of our clients. Other construction services Rulewich & Fleury Golf Design provides include; site preparation, earthwork, drainage, feature construction (greens, tees, bunkers), finish work, and grassing. Rulewich & Fleury Golf Design can also oversee several services that we do not directly provide: clearing, irrigation, cart paths, and dam construction. Our construction team is one of the most experienced and detail oriented in the industry, and with our hands on approach to the shaping process this allows us to give all of our clients the personal attention they deserve.


Construction Coordination
The success of every construction project is judged not only by the end product but also in how it was achieved. Rulewich & Fleury Golf Design’s ability to offer construction coordination services to our client ensures that the project will proceed efficiently and on budget. With decades of golf course construction experience, our staff is able to assist developers, owners and committees navigate the pitfalls of a golf course construction project. Rulewich & Fleury Golf Design can communicate with permitting agencies, contractors, suppliers, and consultants to eliminate expensive delays, mistakes, and omissions. With Rulewich & Fleury Golf Design’s experience in all aspects of golf course construction, our personnel will assist the owner in evaluating the performance and scheduling of the sub-contractors and ensure the ultimate in coordination and quality. While we specialize in shaping, a trademark of Rulewich & Fleury Golf Design is our willingness and ability to adapt to the unique characteristics of each project and the needs of each owner.