Design Services

It all starts with the land! Getting to know it is always the first step whether it is a new and undeveloped property or home to an existing course. We need a clear picture and a feel for the land and there is no substitute for the time spent walking, inspecting and reviewing the property. These times coupled with good mapping allows us to give an honest appraisal and to discuss the sites potential. Basic considerations of the owner’s needs and the property’s assets and liabilities are addressed before the design process begins.

For a new course a good routing or layout is a critical element of the design. The routing tells not only how the course will play but how it can best be built. It also determines the ease or difficulty of construction and ultimate costs. Consideration of options and alternatives is part of the process before a final plan is selected.


Design services The devil is in the details, which all must be discovered and evaluated for their impact on the final design. Site studies to investigate soils, water issues, drainage, and environmental constraints may be necessary. Coordination of these studies with input from other technical consultants and ongoing adjustments and modifications throughout the planning and permitting are all part of the process.

As architects, our role is an active one during the detail planning and approval process. Putting together all necessary plans, including specifications and bidding documents, is a crucial part of our services. Budgets, costs and schedules are prepared, updated and revised as the planning proceeds. As we approach construction, the qualification of bidders and the review and evaluation of proposals is undertaken before contractors are selected. Our familiarity with construction and often the individual contractors bidding the various portions of the work, makes our input here invaluable.

As the work begins, our design services continue to set out, direct and coordinate the operations of all those involved in the construction process. Regular inspections insure that our design is being implemented and all issues are covered. No matter how careful the planning, it is the details of the finish construction that will be most apparent to the player. Attention to these details is essential and we consider the time on site devoted to them to be one of the most important elements of our design services.

There are many words used to describe the remodeling process but the most significant is the improvement of an existing course. Input from all who know, play, and love the course helps us to understand and evaluate the issues that have brought an architect to the project. While this process is very different from that for a new course the same attention to detail is required. The discussion, presentation, and acceptance of ideas is critical. Very often, a master plan of all the agreed upon improvements is needed and will include priorities, phasing, work schedules, and cost estimates. The involvement of the course’s maintenance staff, outside contractors, and our own shapers must be determined before reconstruction begins. Our design and direction of the work is a hands-on approach ideal for this type of project.

The End Result
In all of our design undertakings we are committed to timely and efficient service with a skilled and experienced staff. Our expanded role in the construction of each project has enabled us to implement our designs and maintain the creative process through to completion. The results speak for themselves.